Super Sunday? Maudlin Monday..

The weekend is done and here we are back at good old Monday again.... Pah!

Didn't get half (or in fact any) of the snow in the quantities we were promised. It seems to have passed by slight to the north and east of us. We had a covering, closely followed by rain, which just left a mushy slushy mess. It didn't even have the decency to freeze said mess.


Still, on the plus side, I'm not really sure what this week is going to bring, which always makes for an interesting time. The current project is at the low point of its natural ebb and flow, which means it gets quiet. However, we do have a customer meeting this week - in the US - and sadly, I'm not going. I'm not really sure why either.

Initially I thought, it was because I'd have to be covering for Pooh while he goes off to the Welsh rivers to play Pooh-Sticks (which, I'm reliably informed, it does) with 30% (you'll have to ask him if you want an explanation). However, it seems, in his infinite wisdom, that the decision maker has given that task to my current partner in crime..... who IS going to the US for the customer meeting. I mean..... Really? WTF?

There's some odd decisions being made of late and I think they could be connected to the depth of water the decision maker finds them-self in. In this case - it's somewhere akin to where the Titanic lies - the decision maker has been rearranging the deck chairs, the band has played on, and the water is very very cold and very very very deep. Time will tell, but be in no doubt, the decision maker is not Elizabeth Allen*.

I currently have a trip to my not-local office planned for later in the week, but like everything else in this job, that could change yet. Depends rather on the route we take... Iceberg!! Dead Ahead!!!!

The weekend also saw Mrs G and I mooching round a couple of show homes. More being nosey, than actively considering moving, but it did give us some food for thought and a couple of ideas. With Son moved out, and daughter saving, downsizing might get some consideration - but not for a while yet. Just looking.

I managed to catch most of the six nations rugby, and was particularly impressed with the Ireland/Wales game. I don't really do sport in any great depth, but I do enjoy the Rugby (it's probably the beer to be honest) but regardless, well done the Welsh, and more importantly well done the English. Shame about the scotchies - especially as my favourite brother-in-law and eldest nephew were both actually in the ground.

Finally, on the subject of sport, I did stay up late (for a school night) to catch some American Rugby - or football, as they somewhat mysteriously call it. Super Bowl 46 with the New England something's and the New York something else's. As you can tell, I don't pretend to know the first thing about this game. It looks like rugby with extra padding. It isn't though.

It is, however, Spectacular with a capital S. Well done to the Giants.

Stay safe and cheer up. ;-)

* My sister, on the other hand, is.

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