Happy Birthday Smudge


....and sure enough, 5 hours later I'm wide awake. I should be passed
out asleep having had so little of it I've the last couple of days,
but body clocks are far more complicated than that.

Today is daughters birthday and to be honest I am gutted that I'm not
there. At least I was able to spend 5 minutes on the phone with her.
I'm sure she'll have a great day regardless, and she has a couple of
surprises that Mrs G will bestow at the appropriate moment. Hope they
save me some cake...

For me though, I'm back in the office using my persuasiveness to get
stuff organised for Pooh and I and paying attention to what is going

Next week, Pooh's holiday begins, and I'll have to be managing the
European team while I'm still in the US. This will mean early starts
and the US team will having late finishes. I can see a weekend of
sleep in preparation - not the most fun in the world, but this is work
and not a holiday after all...

And with that in mind - an early night beckons. The draw of the city
makes this almost impossible, so here's what The most beautiful
station in the world looks like first:

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