Hey, You Never Know

Finally I'm feeling like I may be on the right timezone. Not that it helps much, I still needed to be awake early for the UK guys and to try and help out wherever I can. Friday in the US is slightly less busy than in the UK from a work perspective. This is mostly down to the travel requirements of a country that's so big. Most people that I've been working with don't live in New York - although the majority are in NY State - and some of them are up and down the eastern seaboard. This means they have flights or trains to catch to get home for the weekend and so most of what can be done is done by lunchtime. For me, not having to travel out of the city and having got as up to date with everything as I can, it provides a welcome afternoon off and a chance to get out and see some of the city. If I wasn't so tired I'd have gone downtown to the southern part of the island to have a look around, but I have the whole weekend, and there's plenty to see and do in midtown and the park, so an afternoon of trudging the streets and sussing out which shops will need a visit over the next couple of days is ideal.

I've also been given loads of tips of things to see and do, so a little planning for the weekend fills the rest of the day. Being a Friday, I should really be out late and partying, but being both tired and on my jack jones I'm quite happy to settle down and veg out for the evening.

Dinner - now, I have to explain that Burger Heaven provides what I can only describe as the best burger I have ever eaten in my entire life. I could wax lyrical about the tasty fries, or the succulent meat, or I could invent new descriptive words to explain how the lightly toasted bun combined with the perfectly melted cheese provides a tastetastic infusion of tastebud conglorirousness or I could just say that was flippin lush!


And I haven't mentioned the chocolate milkshake! Admittedly it's a heart attack on plate, but what a way to go! This is not and never could be even close to being as bad as anything MacDonalds could turn out even on their best day. It really is heavenly and so the place is perfectly named. There's 4 or 5 of them in Manhattan, and if you really want to experience a burger - that's the place to go. I might try for a second visit before I return to blighty, if my body allows it, but I better make sure my travel insurance will cover the CPR and cost of heart bypass first.

The other point of note is the New York State lottery - Megamillions. For the last two or three days it's all that the locals have been able to talk about. And in typical American fashion it is the biggest lottery in the entire world. It's a rollover, which in UK Lotto terms would mean as much as £70 million ($100 plus million) - but no, not in this country. It stood at $640 million... Over half a billion dollars!! I mean... Feck! That's a lot of money. And you don't have to be a NY resident to play, or even an American. It's a dollar a ticket, so I bought 4 luck dips - or quick picks as they're referred to here.


Sadly, I'll have to go to work on Monday, and won't be buying a private jet to go home in, but as they say in their advertising - Hey, You never know. If I'd won, as a non-US resident I would have had to have given up almost half of it in taxes, so it's probably just as well, I mean - $250m isn't worth getting out of bed for... Is it? :-)

Weather forecast for the weekend looks damp... :-(

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