A written response...

Well, I know a little bit.... But don't tell anyone....

Here's Wednesday's thoughts - which started very shortly after Tuesday's thoughts had dozed off. Namely at around 3am, and then 4am and finally having given up all hope of getting any decent sleep, 5am. The only difference to this 5am compared to yesterday's 5am is that this one is EST. I suspect the lack of sleep is a combination of factors. The timezone being one of the more pressing ones, closely followed by the copious amounts of delicious coffee, and the lack of comfort in knowing that Mrs G and daughter and safely tucked up. Of course, they are both safely tuck up, it's just I'm not there to know it, and naturally I miss them both.

I have found something to have my first whine about in the nice little hotel. The WiFi connection is just a bit rubbish. Now if ever the was a first world problem, then that would be it. Still, I get a great connection in the office and I can cope being disconnected, just would rather be able to send stuff back home whenever I want.

So a couple of hours in my room before heading out to the office. I brewed coffee (not as good as I could get on the streets) and had a call with Mrs G, and then got some UK work done with Pooh including a good catchup on the phone. It's only three or four blocks (a block being about 1/20th of a mile or 264 feet - or 80 metres for the Europeans among us**) to the office, so a short walk, but there's plenty to see, and retail opportunities aplenty. Coffee for breakfast (while my body is expecting lunch), a Panini for lunch (body says dinner) and as for dinner.... Well I have to finish work first. And there's the rub. There really is a lot to do. We've been in back to back calls discussing what should be in this huge basket of stuff were preparing and realising what is or isn't actually included. It's hard slogging work, but useful, and while I don't pretend to know what it all is, I do at least know a little bit more than I did before.

I was also quite pleased to have been able to persuade one of the members of our team to write something down. You may think this is of no consequence, but try as I might, I can think of very few instances of him ever writing anything of note. This has lead me to surmise that writing might actually be a problem for him - but it's purely supposition and probably unfounded. One of the other members of the team asked me if I'd stolen this individuals laptop and written the message myself - so its not just me that's noticed his lack of ink (or equivalent) to paper (or equivalent)

Anyway, call after call after call meant that we finally left the office around 7pm. Instead of getting caught by the bright lights for the second night on the trot, I was persuaded by a couple of colleagues to get a traditional NY Pizza and a couple of beers. As a result, I can recommend "John's Pizza" on 44th Street, just off Times Square. Finally crashed around midnight with hope of sleeping to a sensible time on Thursday morning... Alas, that was not be.

The view from the office is window is stunning. But instead of that here's a view looking up Madison Avenue from the south east corner of Central Park - or thereabouts...


** Note that these are estimates of the distance based on a sampling of a few people that should know, but the distance varies.

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