The final stretch... Almost.

All very strange, the way this process seems to work. Now, whether it's because it's in the United States or perhaps it's because of who the customer is (and their ultra annoying helper) or it might even be "the way this is done" and I'm just not very familiar with it. Whatever it is, it's very strange. in summary it seems we listen to a lot of half truths and inconsistencies and then have a bother guess at how much it's going to cost to do stuff. All a bit nuts if you ask me. In fact, personally I have a much better approach to the entire thing in mind.

A 12 month contract, where our clients contract with us with a view to contracting with us. Now of course this sounds a little insane, and would need a whole bunch of intelligent verbiage wrapped around it to make it more saleable. It's just something to consider. Wednesday saw me once more awake at stupid o'clock to manage the UK team. Last nights "couple of beers" to celebrate surviving our client facing period was really just two pints and a bit of nosh, but it was all still most acceptable. In the office the "what happens next" question is greeted with a few "not really sure"'s. one question in particular is "when" and the deafening silence that's surrounding this one is for me the most disturbing.

I really really need to know if we're going to make changes to the when. The UK team will have to make changes to their numbers if the when is going to change, and the general consensus is that it is going to change, but no-one is prepared to say to what. Frustrating to the max. We are all frustrated, including the lead who it's become apparent has to suffer the same pain that we do. Waiting and chasing those who think they know best.... Not fun.

In the meantime I've put the EMEA team on hold. I don't like it, but I don't want them doing it all twice. By the time we leave the office we have some direction. I pass on the info via various emails and head out for dinner with the most senior member present to try and find out what's really going on.... A New York Curry? ... Interesting times.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I'll be heading home. I love New York, but I miss Mrs G and Daughter so it's definitely time.

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