I'm coming home, I've done my time.

Once more it's 5am - this is becoming a habit - and I'm on the phone to blighty. In all honesty I'm done with it. I need some decent sleep, I need something that isn't cheese and eggs, I need something that isn't the size of a small family sized meal for 15! Pah! In short I need exercise.... I also need to have a word with myself and stop complaining. I mean apart from it being hardwork, and several thousand miles from my loved one's, and ropey beer, (thank god for Guinness) there are far worse places that I could be.

With that in mind, no sooner have I finished the jobs that were needing to get done for the UK team, I was out of the door of the hotel and yomping towards the park - It was 11am, I needed some food, the UK folks were off on their holidays, I need to be at the airport by 5, so one last hurrah at der grosse appfel - as they probably say in Germany. Central Park is an oasis of peace in the centre of the Manhattan hub-bub. The difference a few paces makes is astounding, and a huge pleasure. The zoo is just awesome, and while I didn't have time to pay a proper visit, and I'm not particularly a fan of zoos, I will make the effort should I get the chance to pass this way again. The other place to see for me will be Lady Liberty, having missed her on Sunday due to the insane queue to get on a boat.

Before I can blink though, the hour is fast approaching and I have to get a ride off the island and over to Newark for my flight back to good old England. It being Easter weekend, that's far easier said than done, but after much shenanigans I found someone happy to go that way for 80 bucks... 20 less (must be down hill on the way back). Worth noting that Manhattan taxi drivers can charge whatever the hell they like to go to Newark due to it being in New Jersey. Get a fixed price up front, which is what I did. I'd also suggest that should you be using JFK, you should take the "E" train into or out of Manhattan. 40 minutes and a bargain - or so I'm led to believe. Fight was delayed by half an hour, but other than that an uneventful escape if you exclude the view. I looked back as we left. I miss you NY, but I have a piece of you with me. (I managed to steal a traffic signal..... Of course I'm joking)


I dozed in and out of sleep on the red-eye flight home. So much so, that I failed miserably to watch the following movies: War Horse - which while filmed in Castle Coombe (in some very strange light) seemed to be a film about ploughing fields in Devon... Very confusing (6/10 until it gets a proper viewing). And the Descendants, most of which I saw while we were still sat on the tarmac at Newark. I secretly really enjoyed this and managed to pick up a copy of the book for Mrs G, because it's just her cup of cocoa. (8/10 might be more if I watch it fully awake).

Mrs G was at the airport where I fell.... In this order into, her arms, the car, a light sleep, bed, a deep sleep. I did manage to wake up in the end and very pleased to be back home I am.

Until later...

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