Having had a tough couple of weeks it's always odd to hit a quiet patch at full pelt.  

It's a bit like showing up to a party when everyone's gone home.  You know there was something big and busy going on - but now there's just empty bottles of beer / vodka / various beverages and discarded paper plates with half eaten beef burgers on them...  (worth noting that there are no "cheese and pineapples" left - and equally no pork pies - all the good stuff gets eaten first).

However - someone has to clear all this mess up and put the dishwasher on - so Pooh and I pretty much get on with that.  To be fair, pooh sits around in his smoking jacket with a fat cigar while I wander around throwing cans of carlsberg filled with dog-ends in a black plastic bag. It was his party after all, and bears don't handle their drink all that well.

The party in question was actually more like one very long News Years Eve....   In Europe, we didn't hear how the Asia/Pacific party went - mostly because we were too busy buying in beer and snacks, and rigging up fireworks on the London eye in preparation for our own party. One assumes that it  went well and happened in the wee-small-hours with fireworks on Sydney harbour bridge and all that clap-trap.  At some point in the future the US crew will stand around watching a ball drop, so right now they're busy setting up their fireworks for that. As a result they're asking us a few questions about some of the larger pyrotechnics - but between you and I - it's magical smoke and mirrors. Well, you've got to put a show on haven't you?
In other news - there's been all sorts of tech malarkey going on.  I'm just going to mention a few of the highlights that have caught my eye.

Facebook bought Instagram for $1bn.  What a bunch of idiots. It's clearly awesome, but not worth a billion dollars. At that price, it must be a "strategic only" purchase, and I can only surmise that Zuckerberg has bought it to stop someone else getting their hands on it.

I've stumbled on a new (to me) method of syncing calendars and contacts across multiple platforms. If you're interested you might want to try 

Google have rolled out the new "Blogger" interface to everyone. To be honest, I knew it was coming having had it on the beta trial, but I use it so rarely now-a-days that I'd kind of forgotten all about it.  Posting to means my posts just automagically appear without the need for me to intervene.  anyway, I've had a bit of a poke around in there, and decided I just redecorate - so here's to the new wallpaper, and quick drying gloss at (which interestingly redirects to nowadays as well)

And finally - here's some music that was left in the CD player at the party - sort of....  It's not a song I love - although it's a song you can't avoid, but it is a "supercut" of awesomeness and it's something to listen to while I fish the upstairs TV out of the swimming pool (it was a hell of a party).

Oh, look at this - I've found a couple of un-opened cans of Red Bull - just what Pooh and I need - I think he's fallen asleep in his white plastic garden chair by the pool.  I'm going to start calling him Hugh Heffner....


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