Very very hard work...

Sometimes, it is just that. This current time is one of those. We (Pooh, the bear of little brain and I) are in the peak opposite our trough.  That's not to say we're about to chow down on some lovingly prepared scraps - wrong sort of trough - but more like reaching the terrifying uppermost point of the rollercoaster we're on...  and neither of us are sure if the seatbelts fit properly.

If you've been following his posts you'll know how horrible it's been. Sure there's been some relatively pleaseant coffee on occasion, and of course we are both known to have a good laugh at the most inappropriate times (thank god for small mercies) but that's about the best it's been.

I'm really not complaining - I actually really enjoy my job and working with Pooh is as much fun as I could have and still appear to be professional. I'm sure he feels the same. However, some elements of the work are beyond comprehension in thier levels of stupidity. It seems that no matter how often they're referred to, they always will be.

In my rapidly aging mind, it has now become clear to me, that the same is true in every single job you could ever hope to do. I don't mean to be cynical and dampen the fireworks of the youth (hell if you're just starting out and the only way is up - everyone above you must have got it spectacularly right.... right??)  but believe me - every company (and for that matter, every employee) on the planet does dumb things sometimes - even the really clever ones.

Our constant slog this time is pounding the stuffing out of both of us, but we carry on undeterred. We WILL make this thing work, no matter how broken it might appear to the outside world. In another TV Show, we would have been the mice on the mouse organ.


In conversation with Pooh today, the folowing sentence was heard:

"The problem is these SMI's don't think like we do. Actually that full stop could come a lot earlier in that sentence, just before 'like'."

Given the week we've been having, I suspect the full stop might be a better fit just before "don't"

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