Walking... And walking and walking and walking and walking.... Oh and a bit of walking too.

That's been the shape of Saturday. A far more sensible nights sleep still managed to get me up for 7am local time. I wandered out of the hotel and found a place for breakfast. The thing about New York eateries is, while their food is almost always excellent, it's rarely healthy. That's not to say there is no healthy food available, but you do have to hunt for it and the fatty more interesting foods are always at the front.

Luckily I've been on a bit of a health kick with the fruit and veg at home, so I'm happy to let myself sin a little while here and lets face it, sausage, egg and melted cheese in a bun is something to lust after.

The best way to deal with such stodge is of course to exercise and so I set of for a full blown home of the island. By lunchtime I'd made it all the way downtown to the southern tip of the island and to be fair, my feet were killing me. I should know better having had to buy ultra lightweight and comfy crocks last time I was here. They might look dumb, but they're easy on your feet. Note to self: NYC requires comfy footwear.

I went straight down 5th avenue, across Washington square and then it all changes into a more villagy feel as you pass through SoHo (not like the London equivalent - SoHo in this instance stands for SOuth of HOuston street) with some interesting little shops and far less commercialism than is found up in midtown.

The sight of the freedom tower emerging from the old World Trade Center site is most impressive and dominates the area to the West of the financial district. I'm pre-booked a slot at the memorial for tomorrow so didn't spend too much time looking today and instead hopped on the Subway to get back uptown and save my aching feet.

The NY Subway is a doddle to use and 2 dollars will get you a ride anywhere on the system. I choose to by a card with 10 dollars on it, so I guess that means five rides, but we'll see how that works out.

In the evening I collected the obligatory M&Ms from M&M world and managed to grab a couple of pints of Guinness and a cracking slice of NY Pizza. Tomorrow, will be hunting for sensible footwear, presents for Mrs G and Daughter - although daughters largest gift has already been acquired - and the visit to the memorial. I can't decide on exploring the East or West village on the way back up, or if the weather holds perhaps a run to the Top of The Rock, for some great views of the city. However, this evening I'm planning to be getting myself back into work mode with some prep for Monday's 6am (EST) start and planning for the big event on Tuesday. The only potential show stopper here is that some of my colleagues will be back in town this evening and there was talk of a meet up. New York is a fantastic city and I do love it very much, but it's not the same when it's not shared. I'm missing Mrs G and Daughter, but don't tell them I said that (they'll think I'm soft or something)

Today's picture (and I'm trying not to spoil it for the batman) is the view from a nearby terrace bar...


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