Having it Large...

The moment is fast approaching when Mrs G and I will jet off to the Balearic island of Evissa for some serious "going Large" as per Kevin & Perry. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then two points are immediately clear: 1 - You've not seen "Kevin & Perry go Large" which has become a bit of a comedy cult classic movie and B - Evissa is the Spanish name for Ibiza. 
One of the best things about having kids that are now grown up is the choice of "when" to go on holiday - specifically NOT during school holidays. This means that bargains are plentiful and destinations bountiful as well as peaceful. What could be better than skipping the rain filled sky's of England for a week in preparation for a month full of Weddings and Olympics ?  I for one, can't wait. 

On the work front - its been a very very strange couple of months. Pooh and I lost one. It was here and then it wasn't. A terrible shame because we both quite liked it and it's always sad to loose the things you like. I recall I lost a pen which I was particularly attached to once....  And a dog....  Sad times. 

Still, Life goes on, onwards and upwards, carry on rewardless and other platitudes designed to make you feel either better or dumber. This loss, left a gap in my life. I tried to fill it with interesting edumacation and the like, but the motivational effort required to listen to a tiny tinny voice dredging through slideware often makes for an experience easily ignored - especially when there's the important job of watching paint dry to be done. That said, I did get some of it under my belt - and I may even have learnt something.

Some other woodland folk went away so I looked after theirs for them while they were gone. I didn't loose any of them, so I suppose I did all right. And then finally last week - something interesting came my way. It involved a jaunt up to that London for some secret squirrel stuff and a very very tight deadline. All well and good but for the fact that it's got to be finished while I'm jumping around with a glow stick and a whistle in some over priced but banging nightclub sleeping / reading on a nice quiet beach in Ibiza. D'oh. To be fair, I'm helping and not running the show, so there's plenty of others (if they're not on holiday too) that can kick it into the back of the net and at least get us nearer to winning the match. 

For now though - it's the weekend. The cars in the garage (MOT) and there's a list of little jobs to get sorted so I'd best crack on. Good to catch up with you all again - hopefully I've relocated my writing mojo and normal service will be resumed - unless I find myself still in Pacha or Space or Eden or Es Paradis at 7am and unable to walk or talk let alone write so accustomed to a siesta that it becomes a lifestyle. 

Adios amigos. Mañana.


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