Of Blogs..

Bloody posterous!!!  Doing my nut.  Some of the back end processing doesn't seem to have been quite as stable of late. To-wit my post from my iDevice whilst travelling on the train got proper mangled up - and I'm not 100% sure if it was my email that mangled it, or posterous... although I'm rather thinking it was the latter.

Since they were aquired by twitter, little seems to have been improved and I'm starting to feel that I may be better placed looking for alternative ways to ramble on about the rubbish that I ramble on about.

Having become a bit of a G+'er, blogger is the obvious answer - but I don't think the distribution (write once - publish many) system is in place in the same way.  Of course I might be able to cobble something together using IFTTT which is a glouriously clever little tool - but I'll need time to focus on it - and that's not very prevelant of late.


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