And relax... (Friday)

Well - it is friday so I know scobi won't mind me stealing his
boilerplate friday nomenclature especially as we are actually relaxing

It would be fair to say that being late is neither Mrs G's or my style. It's a very rare occasion that we're not where we say we're going to be at any predefined time. So to have slept through two alarms yesterday came as a bit of a shock when we finally awoke. After the panic there was much laughter though and quite a few "thank god we
made its". Clearly a proper holiday is very much needed if we also need so much sleep.

Hotel is excellent, clean, well positioned with friendly staff (a
little german, but theyre working on thier GSOH)
Beach is excellent, hardly a noisy youth in sight so not overcrowded either.
Sea is like a warm bath but without the taps getting in the way.
Last nights cocktails at "Sandy's" are wholly recommended if a tad pricey.

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