A bit more on Blogging and some worthwhile apps...

Hopefully, I've found a way to solve my Posterous pain - but time will tell. I've switched my writing method into a different app on the iPad (Blogsy)... Here's the overview that comes with the app (Shame about the little helper guy - puts me in mind of the damn Microsoft paperclip - but so far that's my only criticism):


Welcome to Blogsy!

Let's get started.

  1. Set up your blog by going to the Settings Menu→ Service Settings. Then choose your blog platform and fill in your information.
  2. Tap on the Post Info. button to get to all post information.
    1. Current post information.
    2. Local drafts.
    3. Online posts and pages.

If you would like to Edit HTML or need to paste embed codes then just swipe with three fingers across the screen to flip to the HTML side.

Here's a quick overview pointing out where to go to do all the things you want to do.


To get more information about how to use Blogsy go to "Settings" → "How-To Videos" or "How-To Guide".

There's a bunch of formatting available as well as all the usual media management. It's pretty cool - a fine little app - and the format of the iPad makes it a convenient place to Blog. I know some people don't get on with screen based typing, but it's fine for me.

On the subject of Applications, a couple of others that are well worth a look into if you're looking....

First up: WAZE This little app is a social satnav. It takes input from other users and shares them across the user community. The result is traffic data that's as accurate as the number of users sing it. But it does seem to work very well. There is a fairly active community already and the small amount of testing I've done has been absolutely spot on so far.


I'd encourage you to give it a go - the more of us that use it, the better the info. It's also had some standard game-ification applied to it (to encourage your use) which while this might appeal to some, takes a bit of the edge of it off for me. But it does work and is useful - so that's two very good reasons to use it. Oh and of course it's free. :-)

There is no doubt that the iPad is the king of the tablets, but it does have one failing. It's actually a big enough failing that I won't be using it on my forthcoming trip abroad. The iPads display is an awesome thing of beauty, but in seriously bright sunlight it sucks. That's physics for you. So it's for this reason that I've stolen daughters kindle for my trip where the e-ink just flat out wins and it's a device that's practically crafted for the beach / plane or anywhere you want to read regardless of brightness (ah! Apart from total darkness - no backlight means not in the dark).

Of course, amazon do have the kindle app here on the iOS platform and it is a dream to use - so it very nearly works... It's just that e-ink for reading can't be beaten on any other device so far.

At some point this week, we'll finally be getting a proper iPad version of Google+. Up until now, we've had to make do with a double size iPhone / iPod touch app, so this is going to be a most welcome addition (as long as it works). Keep your eyes peeled in the apps store, but it's most likely to land just as I leave this island for a sunnier one.

One last app to mention and this one is a game... It's called Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations and will waste your entire life if you let it. My recommendation, don't download it because you'll end up infected too ;-)

Have fun. Until next time.


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