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from yesterday's post regarding how to go on holiday....

You could alternatively go to bed too late the night before your flight and then sleep straight through your alarm only to be awoken an hour or so after you'd planned. This will naturally lead to blind panic of the sort hitherto unknown. Clothes would be thrown on, bags would be thrown into the car and the car would be thrown up the motorway towards the airport.

The shear agony of wondering through desperation if there is a single hope in all of hell that you might just be able to make it - at least to the baggage check before it closes is an almost indescribable terror that is second to none.

The valet parking provides a tiny glimmer of hope which is sure to be dashed when there's no sign of a courteous, professional driver to
collect your car, in sight and this is simply compounded by the
realisation that you're on the wrong side of the car park.

Finally reaching the bag drop with 5 minutes spare before it closes,
be warned of any relaxation - as those dreaded scales will most likely find that your bags are overweight and you'll either have to unpack them in the middle on the concourse, or pay the extravagant additional £20 per kilogram just to be allowed on board.

The likes of the low cost airlines play on this of course as its their way of printing money. Emergency oxygen is as low as €20 a go - probably. The trouble is, it works.

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