What a drab wet and horrible Monday morning that it is for all those of you not on holiday on the white isle that is Ibiza!!! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist - but rest assured that it's bound to be p!ssing down when the tables are turned and you're on holiday while I'm tied to a desk, nose to the grindstone and all that.

Yesterday being Sunday was another strenuous day of laying on the beach, reading, dipping in the sea and eating and drinking. The only exception to this was the wimbledon men's final.
I'm not a massive tennis fan to be fair, but I do love a bit of history making and I do love to support my country - so it should come as no surprise that neither of these were truly possible when Andrew Murray played Rodger Federer, what with Murray being Scotch and not winning. Ah well. He'll be back next year and we can pretend he's English all over again.

Incidentally, the last Brit to win a men's final at Wimbledon was Fred Perry, 70-odd years ago however, If Murray ever does win it, I won't be wearing any of his branded clothes - i'll be sticking with Fred.

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