A Two day week...

...and then it's off to sunny Spain - (near enough).

And after last night I can't think of a happier place on earth. No doubt there is much cheering on the streets, frivolity and the like because their national team played a top quality game of football and properly thrashed the italian's 4-0...  not that I know the first thing about football - but a most enjoyable match.

Now here's a thing....  Robert Scoble.  Ever heard of him?  Most people in the UK probably haven't. If you were an early adopter to Google+ you probably have a bit of an idea who he might be.  He was in everyone's stream and particularly vocal. Persoanlly I'm not sure what to make of him, I think he may be a bit of a loon.  He uses words like "Janky", sometimes seems like he's eaten too many smarties and if you really want to, you can read all about him here: "Google+" or here: "Scobleizer"

However, that's not the reason I've mentioned him.  It's actually this video of him loosing the plot over Google+'s new "Events" system.


This is a way to invite people to an event. You can pinpoint individuals or circles and send them details of your event (date/time/location etc) which they can then drop into their calendar. The problem with it though, is it is possible to just drop it into peoples calendar whether they want it or not. Clearly, that's not a good thing, but I'll let scoble explain what happened to his own calendar, but interestingly he has ove a million followers on G+ vs 333,000 on facebook. By the way - the audio in this clip is NOT SAFE FOR WORK...

One last word on Google+. Scoble needs to clean up his circles and choose which one's to focus on and the folks at Google really really need to open up the API so that apps developers can start to integrate with it in a similar way that Facebook does.

Finally - this is still happening and I haven't figured a decent work around yet:


Enjoy your week...


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