Scobi scores.... And relax...

Shockingly, I've heard tales of Scobi doing the nasty with Mrs Scobi. They are however, just tales. I have made a point of asking him for evidence, but luckily, so far, that's not forthcoming. (There's a joke in there somewhere - Ed)
However, the Internets are our friends and a quick google for "Sticking it in the back of the net with Mrs Scobi" revealed this little gem...
With special thanks to all those involved.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Straight down the outside and a quick flick in to the back of the net. No finesse, no style and followed up by a rubbish "goal celebration" ....

    .... quote: Mrs Scobi ... or LO to her close friends.

  2. ... and apparently he dribbles


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