Dark nights, black clouds and ducks....

I feel crap.


No really, I do. This is a bout of full blown man flu going on here, and I might actually die. Possibly.


It's at times like this that I have to turn to the comfortable things in life. Comfort food, comfort sofa, comfort TV and comfort wine.... If it gets much worse I may have to take some comfort drugs and who knows where that might end. Mrs G has some sympathy, but man flu is never as bad as we men make out - naturally.


Winter has well and truly arrived. It's dark before 4pm, it's cold enough to freeze the wotsits off a brass monkey, and it's been pouring cats and dogs (none of which I've ever really understood, but I get the drift - basically, a lot!)


The comfort food had to be something exceptionally spicy. I'm a big believer in killing off the bugs with hot and burning foods with peppers and garlic and all that in it. We stumped for a firm favourite (well I'd cooked it once before so knew it was a winner) with extra chilies, from the stoke chef's cookbook - http://for-forks-sake.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/day-15.html I keep promising myself to cook a load more of his efforts, but I just need to put a bit more planning into that plan.


He's not about at the moment, and in fact I've barely seen anything of him since we've left London due to lack of foresight on someone's part. What's particularly odd about that situation is that there are still some of the more expensive members of the team in situ for no apparent reason. I predict bad things, but for the time being - IIWII.


Comfort sofa is easy - but that's because a few years ago we bought a ridiculous sofa. Too big and so way too comfortable. It's not uncommon for people to fall asleep on it purely because its that comfortable. We love it, but it is too big.


Comfort TV has been that terrible ITV stuff about so called celebrities in a jungle in Australia. I don't actually care about any of it, but it's easy watching. The only other thing that's as simple to deal with is Coronation Street (which as I've said before) is some of the best written comedy on the box. Aside from that its the devouring of movies - which always makes me feel a little better.


Comfort wine = nearest bottle of red.


None of this is very sophisticated, but I'm too damn knackered to care. As Max headroom once said: Come sweet slumber, enshroud me I thy purple cloak. Just rolling back to the comforting TV for a moment.... I always find this makes me feel better too:



a poem by Queenie*


When the night is dark,

And the dogs go 'bark';

When the clouds are black,

And the ducks go 'quack';

When the sky is blue,

And the cows go 'mooo';

Think of lovely Queenie,

She'll be thinking of you.


(* William Shakespeare helped with the title)


Laters All

Beware the snuffles - they lead to manflu.