Moving Home....

Here's a post I've been putting off for a bit, but as it's almost Christmas and I've got a spare 10 minutes, I'll give you the lowdown...

Sadly - It's time for me to move on.  I've had a great time. It's been really wonderful in fact - and on occasion, really easy, but in recent weeks it's just been gettin all a bit too much.

It seems that everytime I send an email to posterous - it doesn't arrive.  Maybe the spam filter is blocking me - or maybe since twitter aquired it, they've just stopped looking after the infrastructure properly. A huge shame, because it's definetly been a great service in the past - having been fast and reliable. So it's with a very heavy heart that I have to leave now that it's both slow and barely useable more often than not.

So - should you be sad enough to wish to continue reading my ongoing adventures or mde up stuff, then you'll need to redirect your browser to this address:

So long posterous, and thanks for all the fish.

This post originally appeared here: Posterous


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