An emotional weekend. Nothing more to add for now.

It's Tuesday and I'm back on the train to London. I can't say I'm particularly focused. Things that seemed important suddenly aren't. Life is in perspective. The important things aren't what you might think they are. They're the things right under your nose. The people you love.

The funeral is on Tuesday. I've written the eulogy. It will be a "difficult" day.

Right, onto a lighter note for a bit. It's Cheltenham week. Mrs G and I are regular attendees at the races. Great atmosphere, on our doorstep, we'd be mad to miss it. Unfortunately we don't have tickets this year, and the touts will charge significantly extra, so instead on Friday we'll be in Cheltenham, but not at Cheltenham. I'm a little disappointed, but events have rather overtaken us, so it will be what it will be.

There will still be an amazing atmosphere. I'll have money on anything "Aud" related just because she'd be amused, and you never know your luck.

If you're looking to spend some "loosings" I'd recommend the following as a great way to give money to a bookie in need. Seriously, just £10 per race can keep a bookie in betting slips and those little pens for a month. They need you....

Our Mick in the 2.40 today... Afterall, our Michael would be proud....


  1. Hi Stu, sorry to hear about your loss. Take it easy, and keep on remembering what is really important.


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