Factually Accurate

That's what's bothersome about this stuff....

Blessedly it's the weekend. A game of golf is on the cards which has been terribly badly organised by Shep - so will make for a most entertaining time, I have no doubt. 

The work is hard still - too much time spent away from home and this weeks only highlight being a new laptop. Still I trudge on with a dim light in the far distance as my guide through the tunnel that is "a job" in the conventional sense of the word. 

One tiny point of note. This weeks hotel room included a Samsung device to manage your stay, order services and generally have a bit of a play on. Ordering room service worked flawlessly with the only human interaction being the poor bloke delivering the tray. Very antisocial. The robots are coming!! Won't be long now. 

Four!!  Must Dash.