Strange times

I don't know - sometimes the world is a odd place, and it twists and turns when you least expect it.

First things first - I am now making a concerted effort to write again.  Sincere apologies to those that have been hanging on my every word, but I'm back, and scribbling furiously.

I've spent most of the last 12 months to-ing and fro-ing to London on a deal for the people I work for, which in the end amounted to nothing.  This situation is disheartening at best and generally depressing at worst, but it's also the nature of the job and so I shouldn't really be too surprised.

The things that have surprised me though have been more related to the wider levels of morale and the consequences of commitments made long ago and far beyond my control.  These decisions have trickled down and are now impacting more than a few of my friends and colleagues, some of whom have taken action to move on via one route or another. Sad days in relation to those that I've enjoyed working with.  In particular I have to mention the badman, who has been inspirational in his ability to push on through and "not letting the buggers get you down" - as I believe it says on the back of Asil Nadir's watch.  I will miss him (although efficient targeting will mean, I'm sure I'll get him next time round) ;-)

The result of this exodus seems to be an increase in workload for those that remain, and in the first instance I have no objection - just because I've been "filling" time somewhat since the loss of the last project I was working on.  My more considered response has been more along the lines of "Holy crud!!" given that I've had to do a couple of +50 hour weeks which are no fun for anyone.

That said, I have had the privilege of two holidays so far this year, so I shouldn't complain - and I do have a third on the horizon. I'm also making the most of the forthcoming bank holiday and turning it into the best part of 5 days combined with the opportunity to celebrate Mrs G's birthday.

Looks like a mountain goat to me - Rhodes.

A few other items of note that I should mention...

Son's trip to Ghana is proceeding well. He's having a whale of a time by all accounts and seems to have take to teaching with a certain amount of gusto. Perhaps it will be the slot he's been looking for, or perhaps he'll find something completely different again once he returns from his more global travels which are scheduled to start in about a month.  I'm only a little jealous.

Mrs G has successfully given up smoking (no pressure there), Daughter is loved up and Sister is getting married.

In tech news, I've procured a couple of new Kindle's on the basis that I've been hankering after one for a while and Mrs G's original one has finally given up the ghost. We're both avid readers, and as I'm sure you're aware, it's perfect for reading in the sunshine - which most every other device/tablet etc. isn't.  Just waiting for a nice shiny case to arrive to keep it in now.

I've upgraded to iOS7 on my phone and tablet - the early beta's were somewhat flaky, but at the 6th iteration it now appears to be mostly solid - and what little pain I do feel seems to be related existing iOS6 based apps that will require a little tweaking to run smoothly. Battery life WAS greatly improved in beta 5, although that also seems to be taking something of a hit again in beta 6.  Still - only a month to go, and I'm sure the next version will have it back on track.

I'm also in line for a new device at work - which will be interesting for about 5 minutes and then will become my day-to-day work horse, largely forgotten when not in use.

Right, well - that'll do for now.  Much to do to get the first half of this week out of the way, so I'd best get on and do it.