Getting back in the saddle

Somewhat out of practice so getting back on the horse is proving slightly more challenging than it should be, but we all love a challenge - or so they say, so here I am.

Part of the problem with failing to write regularly has been a suitable available time slot given the way work has been treating me of late. This week, I find myself back on board the Last Great Western, or the First Terrible Western if you prefer - off to our capital city for a full week of shenanigans. To be honest, this is a blessed relief compared to the trudge of driving backwards and forwards to Heathrow which has been my routine for the past couple of months. Of course sitting on the train also gives my brain the ability to unplug and reflect instead of joining in with the saddos who seem to think its another office. It truly isn't, but I've rumbled on about that before.

As trains go, this one is remarkably empty this morning, and while being winter it's almost dark, and being England in the winter, of course wet, as daylight tries to push through the cloud cover another miserable Monday morning hoves into view through the window. Word of the moment: Dank. 

Empty-ish is probably more accurate, as it still has it's fair share of peculiar people. There's the doctor (discussing his patients on the phone - which is probably illegal in the nanny state), the drug addict (who is clearly trying to hide it behind his minor executive exterior but will insist on telling his girlfriend the details of getting high with her - as they obviously can't remember - it in what he believes to be a whisper on his phone) and the ones that read over your shoulder - and we all know where that leads. Eavesdropping and all that good stuff. Your not going to read anything good about yourself......

I think she got the message. 

In such depressing times what one needs is something to look forward to and while Christmas is coming (bah humbug - says at least one of my readers) it's still a way off as we're only in November. There's a couple of movie related events this week - Gatsby and Pacific Rim both arrive on BluRay in glorious 3D today, but of course I'm not there to enjoy them. I can however, see one very very good reason to try and spend an evening at the IMAX cinema in Central London during my trip.  Gravity.  I've heard nothing but good reviews - even though I've tried to stay say from them - and I've seen nothing but stunning visuals, so I may well try and grab a ticket for a show if it's at all possible. Time will tell.  Other than that, the only thing to look forward to is the weekend..

Daughter has recovered well, and now that she's only trying to hold down the one job, is likely to remain in a fitter condition. She was clearly overworking, which is admirable and stupid in equal measure. The fact that boyfriend is more and more part of the scene is also going to change her world somewhat. I'm enormously proud of the person she's become. 

Son is currently weathering the storm - quite literally - in Vietnam. On the current leg of his world tour he had planned to hire a motorcycle and ride from North to South as an interesting way to see the country (and shamelessly stealing the idea from a young obi wan ken obi). However, the impending storms have put paid to that so instead he's soaking up Hanoi and it's surrounds before heading off to Hong Kong. All in all he's having a whale of a time, and again has become a young man to be proud of. 

Mrs G and I are muddling along - slogging our guts out and yearning for the next holiday. I can assure you it won't be long.  All this working away is contributing towards an enormous pile of hotel points and stupid levels of overtime - which translates into posh holiday opportunities which is after all - the only reason to be doing this job. 

And so I suppose with that in mind, I'd best get in with it. Not quite at Paddington yet, but momentarily. 

Mind the Gap. Until next time.