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Friday, November 22, 2013

Jamie Oliver, Belgians & a lack of Maths...

Thursday night and a mad dash for the train.... all proceeded by:
Monday - which was more focusing of minds on mathematical problems. Having shaken off the "sit around and talk" brigade, there's much doing get done in the form of adding up and taking away and such. Of course there is a place for those that sit and talk and change the way things are written, and it is an important part of the entire process, but they always seem to me to not really have their goals figured out, be incapable of reusing any previous written capitol in any meaningful way, and spend so much time talking that they ru. Out of time to writ, and end up writing rubbish. I know, given a deadline that everything gets compressed and squished until the very last 5 minutes of available time - seems to be a natural human way of doing anything big and complex - but I always think of it as a dumb way to behave. If you know it's going to happen, why not plan for it appropriately so that it doesn't. I'm quite sure that all those involved would be far less stressed and enjoy much longer, productive and thus fruitful lives - instead of worrying themselves into an early grave. (Probably me included)....
The RC and I ventured out into the cold shopping center of Sheppards Bush that is Westfield to a "Jaime Oliver's Italian" restaurant. Not really anything to write home about, but perfectly edible all the same. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cooking some of Mr O's dishes from his myriad of books designed to keep him in scooters and holidays for the rest of his adult life, but I could just have easily been in any number of "Italian" restaurants that aren't really Italian. It was.... fine..... and bloody freezing on the walk back to the Hotel. Stupidly at 6am stood on the platform back home - I realised that I'd left my coat behind.... Brace Yourself... Winter is coming....
Tuesday - yet more Maths, interspersed with assisting managers who should know better in the ways of complex approvals which should be easier. Obviously given the complexity of some of this work, the right thing to do is to make it as difficult as possible to achieve the goals you've set.

Tuesday evening however, involved organising a few of the troops into a bit of proper food/entertainment, and pleasingly I even managed to persuade The RC - a man who would rather not expand his eating horizons too far... Yet. He's a good man though, and is remarkably good company given that he's in a bit of a tight spot with this particular job. I'm trying to help him out and keep his spirits up. As a result the Stoke chef and I dragged a few of the more willing members of our troupe over to Farringdon and up Jerusalem passage to a cracking little Belgian place called "The Dove Tail". The beer menu is much bigger than the food menu, and both of them are excellent. Highly recommended and a very reasonable price too.
Wednesday - Fewer mathematical problems, and an influx of issues driven by muddle managers and the like. Oh yes, the sit around and talk brigade have been sitting around and talking. Seems like some doing is needed, and why on earth would they want to do that when thes plenty more talking to be done. No doubt they feel the answer is to divert the people who are tring to get the Maths and approvals done... After all, they seem to be able to produce "stuff" from all this hot air....maybe they can write some stuff too instead of doing maths.
Thursday - We were supposed to be almost finished with the maths but instead we have whole ton of political types of problems that just seem to be pretty much a repetition of what's already been said. For my part I find this both frustrating, boring and pointless. Posturing for the sake of it. I understand why it happens, I just don't think of it as a very worthwhile enterprise. Either something's worth doing or it isn't - why make it any more complicated than that?
The result is that I found myself literally running up the platform at Paddington for the almost last train home, which was instantly delayed and left me standing around the platform much like at the beginning of the week - bleeding freezing....
The RC is off tomorrow and already trouble is brewing. We are about to crash headlong into a brick wall of stoppage brought about deliberately it would seem, by those who like to sit and talk and not really do. I've learned a couple of very useful things as a result.

A) "Factores sunt non project actoribus"
Thus... "Nil illegitimi carborundum" or possibly "descendite ne illegitimi"
And as Galileo once said....
B) "et adhuc movetur"... Although I suspect what he actually said was "eppure si muove" having agreed under pain of death and just to shut the talkers up, that the world is flat. He knew full well otherwise of course.
My only excuse for sharing this shizzle... I'm tired. Leave me alone and let me sleep.

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