Very Bad Things.. and a light at the end of the tunnel

The 29th of September was a very long time ago - given that we're now on the sixth day of November. It's almost as if October didn't exist!?  and for a large part of it, I kind of wish it didn't.

However - this particular job only has about 4 weeks worth of life left in it, and honestly - thank heavens for that for I fear if I continue in this vein my marbles won't just be lost, but rolled away down a fissure in the very crust of the earth never to be seen or heard of ever again.

To say that times have been tough would be to understate somewhat. I have lost a couple of close frolleagues to other (almost certainly less interesting) work, or better yet to retirement, where I have no doubt that even now, the devil will be making work for such idle hands. That in itself was traumatic enough - but the pile of sh..tuff that I've had to deal with since then has been some of the worst I've known.

One blinding light of good luck was a slipage in the timeline (on the clients side) which meant that my week in the sun (planned for the week after delivering our proposal) actually happened during the week when we were at our most insane - and I was fortunate enough to miss it.  This didn't stop me feeling the pain of those I left behind - and it was clearly painful. It seems no matter how much effort went in, "things" conspired against us. Still, at least they all got plenty of sleep.... afterwards.

So with 4 or 5 weeks left, that light at the end of the tunnel is what's keeping me interested. Along with the cash - which is afterall what jobs like this particular one are only about.  And that, is very sad.

In the meantime - lets see about shutting down Skype - that's easy enough....