Wallander and the way home

Never did get to go and see Gravity this week, but I might get another run at it next week, so perhaps that'll be fun.

I really do need to have some fun - a week in the city can be great when you've got time to enjoy it - but when you're working 60 or 70 hours a week - it doesn't really happen. In fact the exact opposite. It just becomes a dull depressing treadmill with the only respite being the journey home.

I spent the week in the Hilton Metropole which has been recently refurbished and while it's all very nice and that, it is still just a big hotel off Edgware road in the city of London with nothing particularly unique or inspiring about it - it does what it says on the tin.  It's all getting a bit much and I miss my real life and my real me. I'm becoming a bore and it makes me sad.

The train back to sanity is a joyous thing - no matter how rubbish it might actually be - and I've celebrated the journey by sitting in one of the coaches with the little tellies on the back of the seats. Turns out they run some free TV shows on them, and this week there's a couple of episodes of Wallander on them. I've not read the books, but I like a good police drama, and the moody Scandinavian ones are some of the best. Even if it is all in English. And with Kenneth Branagh in the lead role. It's still entertaining stuff. Best Only thing I've seen all week.

Finally the weekend is arriving and we're having the Lodger to stay for a couple of nights - which is ironic as I think that next week I'll be in a hotel round the corner from her house.

Of late, weekends are far too short - but I'm sure we'll manage to cram it full of stuff all the same.