Xmas Market, Fancy Dress & Xmas Day #1

After the rush of Thursday and the forthcoming "working at home" to round the week off, I'd been expecting a slightly more relaxed if messy Friday. But alas, no.

I should know better with this deal. With the RC taking the day off and direction changing around as a result of the client meetings I found myself knee deep in it and kind of alone. Worse still, although I'm producing useful input to the sessions, the dumbass in charge can't even remember my name. Not that I care too much. To some people, I will always be Steve. Weirdos.

I made a very sharp exit at 5.30. No one was getting a minute more than they were paying for this week. I'd had my fill. Instead Mrs G and I had a lovely bit of home made pie and prepared for a trip down to Wiltshire.

Christmas is well and truly on the way, and while I'm nothing like prepared for it, we did have the beginnings of it to deal with. With all of the kerfuffle, there has been very little time to have anything like a relaxing weekend at home, which due to the current lunacy at work, is what is required. I fear for my sanity somewhat. But then, if there's five minutes entertainment to be had, you might as well have it. You never know who or what you might meet, and I learned a long time ago, that it's worth turning up to the opening of a paper bag for the chance of there being something interesting to see.

With this in mind, Mrs G and I made a relatively early start in Saturday morning. I managed to crowbar in a hair cut, although not a beard trim (it's Movember dontchyaknow) and then we took off on our trusty steeds down to the Christmas market at the quays. The Quays seems to be the posh name for the docks, and as it's getting posher by the minute, I suppose that's appropriate. The place was heaving with people, and hardly surprising. The range of delights available to sample was vast and truly very tasty. I was particularly enamoured with the Danish Pancake Balls, but they were really just the tip of the iceberg..


We ducked and dived amongst the stalls and bought very little at all in the end, but it was nice to have a wander round and it all felt pretty Christmassy really.

It's almost become tradition to have a pre-Christmas Christmas because sister ball lives up north and matriarchal ball was too old to really travel far. Of course, we lost her back in April and so this year sees the handing over of a generational baton. Instead of the Senior Balls hosting "our Aud", I now find myself and Mrs Ball hosting the Senior Balls. We'll also be having Mrs Ball Senior and her boyfriend, as well as daughter and her boyfriend - so a whole houseful.

Sister ball however, remains in her northerness for the actual day of Christmas, and so we took the opportunity on Sunday of having a pre-Christmas Christmas at the senior Balls with her instead. Worked out very well, because elder-cousin-ball formerly of Bradford-on-Avon was celebrating his semi-century with a fancy dress get up. Made perfect sense to attend his "do" on Saturday night and then have PCC on Sunday. As for proper Christmas and the houseful, at this current stage of our lives this is no onerous task and Mrs Ball and I are quite looking forward to it I think.

All good fun with Monday morning arriving far to soon and a cold station platform beckoning me back to that Laandan again. Same hotel as last week and apparently for a full week, although I'm only booked in until Thursday.

Here's hoping...