A Long Walk

Beer with the lads on Thursday? - Pa'h! Clearly - as it's gone 9pm and I'm still on a ruddy train, that's not going to happen. FML.

This particular job is one of the toughest I've ever done. Not because it's particularly complex, or technically challenging, but more that the management of the client has been horrendous and those responsible for it should be thoroughly ashamed. I suspect that we will still hit our deadline because two or three people (one of whom will no doubt e nd up being me) will stick in a monumental effort at personal sacrifice to get the damn thing over the line. This is not something I enjoy. History tells me that after the event it is something that I'll look back on with a sense of achievement, but I wonder if that's achievement for completing it, or achievement for surviving it. Who knows? and frankly who cares?

The hurdle for Monday was stumbled over. Not least because some key items are still not resolved. Admittedly we are at the behest of some external 3rd parties for part of this, but the sitting-around-and-talking brigade are at it again and they really need to pack that in and make some damn decisions. Ownership is lacking I fear. The result is a ton of work still to do, and slowly but surely it's getting there. The Robot has come along to help us, and we're drawing up a bridge - which is an excellent idea and will no doubt be used as a form of defence in the near future. Shame it's not an actual drawbridge, with a moat and boiling hot tar - but you can't have everything. Once again I left the office much as I had arrived, knackered and in darkness and headed of to High Street Kensington to my hotel for the week.

The thing about this one, is it's a good old walk from the tube to the hotel and to be honest that's part of the reason I'm staying there. No one else from our team is - claiming it's too far - which it really isn't if you're from the countryshire - and this is another reason to enjoy the peace and quiet of it. It's not that I'm unsociable (far far from it) it's just that it's nice to have a little bit of space to oneself. I got my freebie upgrade and am residing in a mahoosive room (almost a suite) which isn't half bad as it turns out.

Tuesday was more of the same and hardly worth a mention. An early start, a late-ish finish but I did manage to persuade a few of the gang to visit Wahacca for dinner (the street Mexican food place) in Wardour Street rather than on the South Bank, and jolly good it was too. The only downside was the receipt of an email from some very senior figures near midnight explaining what we would be doing over the next week to get things done. Finally some decisive action.... and the start of the heavy lifting..

Wednesday yet more work on the bridge. It never ceases to amaze me just how badly wrong some people can get things. The simplest of instructions become the most convoluted mess you could imagine and I worry for these peoples futures and lives in general. Unpicking someone else idea of logic is painful. In the evening - and just for a change, the late evening - the RC, ST, and my boss stopped by in Vapiano - an Italian place for a bite to eat. Interesting idea, you have a card which you swipe and order directly from the chefs in an open kind of kitchen. Trying to do away with table staff I suppose. Doesn't really work though and must be chaos when (if) it's busy. Food was perfectly edible, but I'm almost to tired to care.


Thursday is going home day. I've planned it and that's what's happening. I've checked out and try as anyone might, that position is not changing. Having sid that, my early escape that was planned around our second hurdle - which was to have taken place Thursday morning - has gone to ruin. As a result of the Tuesday email / decisive plan, the hurdle has been moved to Monday next - which is all well and good, but the final hurdle is on Tuesday, so there's little space for error of fixing. Next week is gonna hurt. And probably more than this week....

So the best thing about today - besides the fact I'm going home, was the sunrise on the way into the office. What a cracker...


I've had a beer in the little pub on the platform in Paddington - and tomorrow is Friday and I am working from home, which means I get to spend some time with Mrs G. I'm missing her terribly, and daughter too... A bit of a break is what's really required - soon, very soon. So how bad can it really be? We'll find out.


Until next time...