Merry Decemberment and all that...

Well who'd have thought it? I mean, you'll never guess, but I'm only sat on the ruddy train to London again... just for a change.

What with it being a Monday morning, why change the habit of fortnight or two? And so it is with heavy head, that I'm facing a four-dayer up that Laandan with a mahoosive bunch of hoops to jump through in a short space of time.

First one being today. Now while this isn't exactly a hoop, it's a point in the process where we have to unveil our workings out. Normally by now, most of the workings out would have been, well, worked out, but on this job we were still getting requirements on Friday, and try as I might to convince people these were unacceptable, we now find ourselves (to use the words of Mr Clooney - "O'Brother, Where art thou") "in a bit of a tight spot, yessir, a tight spot"

Who knows where this is going to lead - but I suspect some bloody hard work - not least when you take into account an actual serious hoop is waiting for us on Thursday. And experience tells me that this one is (to use the words of Mr Ball - "Merry Decemberment and all that...") "A Bit of a bugger"... Wish me luck.

On a lighter note, here's what happened at the weekend....


Yes - I know. Bloody rubbish isn't it. I did manage some very small victories against the never ending workload. Mrs G and I managed to cycle into town for an hour on Saturday, and grab a bite to eat and drink in the Portivo Lounge - which is always worth a visit.

I also purchased an iPhone 5S and hopped carrier from O2 to EE. Surprised myself there actually. I had no intention of doing this, but when I learned from daughter (who had just replaced her phone due to droppage, leading to brokenness) that 4G had arrived in Gloucester, I decided that was a good enough excuse for me. Plenty of haggling over numbers with a little boy (I must be getting old) in "Phones 4 You" and a satisfactory agreement was reached. I've worked hard for it, and it's Christmas - so that's my present to me. Happy Christmas me...

We got home and I did some more maths homework. Pah...

Sunday we had in-laws round for lunch with daughter and the little fella - no becoming a far more serious item as he's moving in with her. We tried to get in touch with son at a pre arranged time of 3pm - He's in Hong Kong now, but failed miserably. A couple of emails bounced about instead. Nipped over to daughters to put some shelves up for her - in need of additional storage now the little fella is moving in I guess. I finally sat down to yet more maths homework and some PC repair during strictly and giving me an opportunity to ignore x-factor and other such bunkum.

All this means that any quality time has been of limited availability. Happy I am not.

This week things will be different - I have to tell myself that. I'm coming home on Thursday and I'm going for a beer with the lads. More than long overdue.