Message reads....

Wednesday... half way through a tough old week, but nothing new there. Last night (Tuesday) involved a bite to eat in Jamie's Italian - which to be honest, is exactly the same in Liverpool as it is in every other town or city that there is one. It's perfectly good food, if a little overpriced and I easily hit my expenses budget with just a main course and two beers. the hunt continues for the perfect work related dining experience.

 After dinner, I trotted across town to meet up with an Architect and a Transition exec for a quick beer - and ended up in a gem of pub called the "Ship and Mitre". Very friendly bunch and a vast menu of beverages to choose from. Still maintains that "spit and sawdust" feel and seems to be a place that time has mostly passed by, but still manages to attract anyone who's interest in a large selection of interesting (and tasty) beers and largers. A couple of pints and a stagger back to my hotel ready to be up at the crack of dawn in preparation for a client session - what can possibly go wrong ?

Most interesting today however - at least to me - is the imminent release of iOS8, which I've been playing with in it's beta incarnations and have been enjoying greatly. It'll be good to see a final version and make the most of app-continuation across devices - which is one of a whole host of improvements to look forward to. The Fandroid's will of course say that they've had this feature or that feature for ever - but I'm so done with that conversation that I've learned to ignore it now and get on with doing productive stuff instead. Of course you could say, that just mentioning that fact here is in a way "getting involved" in the argument, but all I can say to that is "pah! Whatever"

While we're talking Apple for a minute - the iPhone6, 6 Plus and Apple watch... at least two of those things are on my shopping list, but it's all about timing. If the 6 hadn't sold out already, I might be placing an order for it. As it stands, I'll hang on a bit I think. However, with regards to the Apple watch - having had a Pebble for a while now - I can honestly say I'm a convert to the smart watch and will be as close to the front of the queue as I can get for this particular piece of tech. Message ends.