Hum Drum

Being fed up with getting up at the crack of dawn to ride the train North and only arrive at 11am, I figured this week, I'd mix it up a little and travel up the night before.

The advantages are twofold. A) Extra points for an additional night in a hotel (and we all know that outs make prizes) and B) I'm going to be in the office on time tomorrow morning. However. I haven't even completed the journey, and I know now that this was just a stupid idea.  The disadvantages have become clear. A) One less night in the bosom of my family (obviously) B) The unpredictability of trains later in the day C) Sharing said trains with people that clearly aren't used to having to deal with changes to the planned journey times when the wrong leaves are on the line.  D) Did I mention the unpredictability, thus leading to delays?....

Winter has arrived and with it traffic chaos.  You'd think the northern half of the country had never seen rain before judging by the way the place has gone to hell in a handcart as a result of a hefty downpour - as is the nature of winter.  Cutting to the chase, I sat for 45 minutes in Birmingham New Street waiting for a driver to show up from his delayed service elsewhere in the country. I'm not really moaning though. I suppose it could haVe been worse.

And so to an update on events. The deal progresses much like wading through molasses progresses. The new blood is having a poke and a prod, and it's entirely possible that now some of the larger crops are harvested that we'll get plenty of "assistance" in pushing the wheelbarrow, shaking the tree and loading up the apple cart. It's equally possible that said apple cart will get upset before we get a chance to fill it this season, and it may have to wait until next season. Who knows?  Smaller Bigger brains than mine, no doubt.

I may have mentioned previously but somehow in between this constant flux a few of us alleged lesser beings have been tasked with documenting the fact that we're not lesser beings. For someone who's been doing this job for 12 years or more, this incarnation of it for 4 years and this particular effort for the last 5 months....  I really can't see the point. Somebody must have made a promise. Not only that, but it's a proper pain in the Harris to do, with reams of documentation required. Needless to,say I find it the most uninspiring task and as such am constantly battling with relegating it to the bottom of the queue vs being reminded that it has to be done (because someone promised it - not me by the way).

I managed to get home early last week, which meant a beer with the boys on Thursday and discussion of where to stay during next years golf tour, washed down with sufficient beer, a stagger home - although a relatively early one - and quick stop in Maccy D's on the way.

When the weekend finally hoved into view, It was a blessed relief (Soooo tired this week - sleep in hotels is just not happening and I really hope I get that sorted out before we go off on our holiday - which is an oasis in the dessert of work drudgery. The resting (if you can call it that) readily began with a visit to daughters house to drop off some games that she required for her very grown up dinner party. For a moment however, it sounded like it wouldn't happen when one of the guests called her to say they'd had a bit of a row and might not be coming after all. Perhaps it's not as grown up as I imaged, but then all was laid to rest, forgotten about, they arrived and from all accounts, a good time was had. Meanwhile, Mrs G and I, had daughter number 5 to stay - long story, but as always it's a pleasure to see her, and she's very enjoyable company. With tales of her London adventures and how she's making her way in the world, time flies and fun is had. Son in the meantime was out fighting crime on the streets of Stroud. Tougher than you might think.

Saturday, Daughter 5 and Mrs G took a trip to town. (that's town, not the city as readers of old will recall) Son and I Made a swift trip to a phone shop In the city for him to get a repair quote for the insurance Man on his old Samsung S3...  "itsa nao probleem mayte" the fella with the dodgy moustache said "I can rite yous wan for a fiiver"...   I think not.  £5 to write a quote?...  You're having a giraffe.

Later in the day Daughter number 1 and I Also visited the city with a little list of things that needed sorting out. We did well, and excellent little consumers we both were.  I upgraded the freesat box to a newer and much faster model Humax.  The old one was good, but this one is much much better. The mobile apps for it also finally allow it to catch up with the Sky toolset and so pleased, I am. Daughter is settled. She's saving hard, but things are where she wants them to be, so I'm a happy man.

On Sunday, the lawn got mowed - possibly for the last time this year, so extra short and then daughter 5 cooked a truly fantastic bit of roast chicken with all the trimmings.  So that's at out the sum of it really...   All a bit tedious and mundane and really hardly worth the read...  But read it you did.  You shouldn't worry....  I had to write it.