Aching and Cold

Oh lord, with a title like that, it feels like this is going to be a whingy post before I’ve even started!.. Let’s hope not hey, I mean it’s Monday after all..

Yesterday’s wander was awesome. Beautiful sunshine made for some great countryside, and good company made it all the more entertaining.

The sporty lad wasn’t his most cheery, but he’s in the midst of a diet, so I suspect the lack of sugar isn’t helping there. The cake and gin expert was on top form though and so a good time was had.

It started off with quite a bit of footpath/road work for me, before I met up with the bird and the sportsman, and I suppose we did another mile before getting to the countryside proper. A bit boggy and muddy in places, but we’ve been through far worse, and didn’t even notice the cold.

Our destination for lunch was Fagin’s and I have to say, I thoroughly recommend it. I’ll be back here because that roast beef, and the cauliflower cheese & broccoli, were incredible. Nice pint of 6X too.

Big plans for the return journey involving climbing to the peak of Robinswood Hill, but in the end we thought better of it, and only climbed about two thirds. There’s a route through the golf and country club, so we followed that instead. Probably just as well as it turns out, because both the bird and I were having knee trouble – I think hers might have been a little more serious, but she battled on valiantly with the thought of a cozy cup of tea to keep her motivated.

I still had another mile or so for me to get home once she’d been delivered, but I too sought motivation in a cuppa and damn good it was too.

This route was just over 13miles for me, which is a good stretch, but still not as big as we’ll be doing in April. I think we’re all conscious we have to put more effort in, so I’m going to have to try and figure something out, in and around the Telford area…. not sure what given the lack of daylight hours though.

I cooked Pie and Peas for Mrs G and I. Was to have been sweet potato mash as well, but a disaster with an unwatched pot boiling (as we all know, a watched pot never does) put an end to that.

Vera on the telly (the poor mans Morse / Lewis / Endevour) and not much of an ache in the legs at all…. Actually… neither aching or cold. Looks like that title was nonsense afterall.

Until next time

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