Back to grindstone

My normal working week is very different to this time two years ago… actually to this time a year and half ago.

Back then I was working at IBM (which I referred to as Starfleet in the older pages of this blog – to preserve it’s anonymity). Nowadays, I couldn’t care less about that. I had a fun time in a round of redundancies, which ultimately left me wondering why the hell I hadn’t left several years ago. It left a very bad taste in the way that they treat their employees, who are just numbers. Great experience, Awesome people (for the most part), terrible conditions.

Now I’m working somewhere far more sensible, and very happy with it I am. It’s like going back in time insofar as I like getting up in the morning to go to work. I have a new found enthusiasm for what I do, and I’m very grateful of it. If I had a gripe at all (and I don’t) it would be the fact that the office is in Shropshire, when I live in Gloucestershire, so there’s a travel element.

But I really don’t mind. They accommodate me, so I’m very happy to be here for them. Not only that, but I get to choose from all sorts of weird and wonderful places to stay. As I’m not in a major city, there’s no Marriott or Hilton to chase points in, so I like to try out the more interesting places.

This week I’m in Ironbridge which is stunning. I’ve come to love this little valley, and people (and pubs) in it. From the Woodbridge right through to the Meadow Inn, and all in between (and north and south of the river) have their own character and quirks. So much so, that we even frequent it when I’m not working on occasion – so it must be good. I’m not going to say too much about the place today – because I”ll be back next month for Mother-in-laws birthday, so I’ll tell you all about it then. But here’s a couple of photo’s (form last year) before the blew up the towers (a terrible mistake in my opinion).

Ironbridge Cooling Towers
(Sunset on the Power ©️Golfyball)
11th September 2019
Ironbridge Festival in Dale End Park
(In the Shadow of the Towers – ©️Golfyball)
17th September 2019

As I eluded previously, an ex-colleague lives here, which is an added bonus when I’m staying and he’s about too. Always good to catch up with the Welsh mathematician, who’s spending all his free time fixing his beautiful house. It’s in a fantastic location and will be incredible to retire to once he’s finally finished it. It’s a labour of love and he’ll love it – in the mean time, it’s challenging stuff – but he’s more than man enough for the job. He’s a lucky fella.

It was good to catch up with him last night. We shot the breeze for a while and he regaled me of tales of the team. I felt bad. Things have worked out well for me, and yet things only seem to have gone down hill for them. All of which meant I remember why I don’t miss the work, even if I do occasionally miss the gang. Good guys being abused by their employer. Some would say “I would say that, wouldn’t I” – and they be right, I would, because it is so.

Until next time – take it easy

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