Birthday Enchiladas

Back home as it was Thursday.

Some of you know that Thursday’s mean WTC (mostly). It’s my one night out with the lads and it’s an important thing to maintain. Keeps everyone sane. Those that don’t get it, take it for granted. But that doesn’t matter – they’ll get it one day.

It matters because it’s a place different from all the other places, and yet safe and warm like being at home. Speak your mind and don’t mind if you speak. Have a beer and a laugh (and in keeping with yesterday’s movie choice) “Get busy living”. It’s an institution that I’m glad exists.

Now I’ve said all that, this Thursday, I wasn’t there. 😮🤦🏼‍♂️ But I’ll catch up with a chunk of that group on Sunday… More Big Walk prep. Managed to get away at a sensible time, and battle through the southbound traffic.

My non-WTC evening was due to daughter and son-in-law inviting us round for Birthday Enchiladas, what with it being my birthday around here somewhere… God knows where, so at least he’s keeping track of it.

I haven’t seen her for a week or so, so it was great to catch up and hear all the gossip. Now, I don’t say it much, but I really am immensely proud of the woman she’s become. I hope I helped her when she needed it, and that I didn’t get in her way too much when she didn’t.

Her other half is a top fella too. They get on very well, and it seems she’s chosen wisely. I find I don’t have to worry about her anything like as much as I used to. Doesn’t mean I don’t, just means I don’t as much.

Fun evening rounded off with an appropriate 80’s quiz…

Which her fella won!! So maybe he’s not as great as I think 😉🤣 Must have been good, because we had to leave the car there. Oops.. Mrs G will pick it up today as part of her commute…

Fun Times

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