Bye Bye Belgium…and France, and Germany, and all the EU team.

Very sad week. Stay safe gang.

By Frank Herrmann

The photo above is from a group of pictures commissioned by the Times in 1972, when we joined the EU. Interesting article on thier recent re-discovery which is worth a read, here:

I don’t need to say anything much about Brexit (or EU Exit) as it’s officially called, other than to say, I hope it works out for the best. Seems to me we have a very specific set of problems to deal with as a country and while, historically, we seem to have been pretty good with such major change, of late, we’ve been sitting around in laurels and munching peeled grapes rather too long. Actually, there’s been an awful lot of arguing about the result of the referendum and not a lot of doing anything about it.

Death, Taxes and Change are the only certainties, so as we’re no longer a manufacturing lead country, as a services country, how well are we prepared for the change we’re about to go through ? (It’s rhetorical, no-one knows)

Regardless of which way you voted, as Badman and I used to say “We are where we are” and worse still, “It is what it is”. As a country we need to BE what we’re called – a United Kingdom – and pull together to get through it. Tough times may lay ahead I fear, but at least we’ve got each other.

My first couple of days in the new role have left me with questions, questions and some more questions. Thursday means I get to go home, but before I do, I’ll try and get some of them resolved. Something in this space doesn’t quite add up, and so I’m wondering if what I’m being asked to do is something that actually needs to be done. I know; bit cryptic. Can’t say anymore for now.

Thursday will also be my annual 1-2-1 with the boss. I’m not expecting bad things there; but then I don’t sit on laurels and eat grapes.

Oh and one other thing for today. My horse, Calva D’auge is running in the 2.55 at Wincanton. Harry Cobden will be riding him, and they’re currently second favourites. Some say “Easy Money”. I say, I wish I had the day off. I’m only a part owner, but I’m pretty sure the part I own is the nose – that’s the bit that will win it.

Good luck and have a great day.


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  1. I heard you mention my name and I thought I'd let you know that I'm still not dead.
    PS: I am where I am.


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