End of the working week

A Friday working at home is always welcome, and nowadays quite a regular occurrence. It’s rare that I have to battle the chaos on the night before the weekend, and I’m extremely glad of that.

It gives me a chance to catch up on all the other things that I didn’t get near in the last week, and finish off the admin. Things like sorting out my expenses, booking my time worked, booking next weeks travel arrangements, writing up reports or presentations and reading about the latest technological thing that’s relevant. Oh and of course email. I hate email.

Especially when I’m in the middle of a large project. There’s always just too much of it, and most of it isn’t relevant. It’s usually things I’m copied on so that someone can then say “Well I told you about it” in amongst 1,000 other emails that do the same thing. You end up being driven by email and no achieving any work.

I’ve come round to a new way of thinking though. I was, until not long ago, a proponent of inbox zero. That thing where I would strive to get every email read, filed and replied to to get my unread count down to nil. The problem is, you end up forever chasing and never catching. It’s just too stressful.

Moreover – any mail system worth it’s salt will auto archive, and index everything, so if you need to find something, a decent search algorithm becomes far more important than the amount of time you waste trying to file messages appropriately.

Happily, I’ve gotten over it, and fingers crossed, that’s most likely added an extra 5 years to my lifespan. So it’s only right that I try to counteract that by going to the pub instead of filing email and happily there’s good news on that front too…

According to the Office for National Statistics, there’s an extra 315 pubs and bars in the UK, which is the first time there’s been an increase in the last decade. The pub is not dead! It’s alive and well, and has a pint with your name on it… and most likely a gin and tonic too; as that’s now the most popular drink in the world again….

The Hung, Drawn & Quartered Pub, London

So on that basis – at some point this weekend, I’ll be off to the pub.

(I’m not getting involved in the dry January nonsense… maybe next month)


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