Finishing up and starting afresh

I spent Monday just putting some finishing touches to last years project. Well, in truth, I’m not.. some other people are, and I’m just checking that they do. Instead I’m about to become embroiled in defining some Enterprise Architecture and all that that entails.

As I said, I’ve been brushing up my TOGAF in preparation, although I fear that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Telford’s not looking great for hotels this week though – so currently unsure where I’’ll be staying. Hopefully that’ll work out. What is looking great is travelling to work in daylight. Feels like forever since that last happened, so it was very pleasant to see the sun come up just before 8am.

Daughter popped round for her tea last night, as son-in-law was at Monday Club. Those Monday Club boys are just trying to get in on the action of the Wednesday/Thursday Club, but everyone knows the weekend doesn’t start on a Monday. It starts on a Thursday, or if you’re really lucky a Wednesday…..

I cooked from the bible that is the ‘pinch of nom’, and we delighted in Sloppy Joes. Truly delicious.

She regaled us with tales of her weekend and the good times that had at Fontaine’s birthday party… long story – she’ll tell you.

One final note – and more on this tomorrow. Microsoft surface pro… Now I’m using one again in my day to day stuff, and ughhh…. needs more power under the hood and a decent network connection from what I can see so far. Load of cobblers.

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