Heading Home, Tuning in and Dropping out

After a wonderfully terrible nights sleep on Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get away early on Thursday and home at a sensible enough time to not have to rush out the door for the WTC, and in fact I didn’t…

Mrs G was going to be working late, but she’s not well. Up most of the night on Tuesday, so she’s not been into work since. That said, she seemed to be feeling much better when I arrived home and as we have an adventure this weekend, she’s planning on getting back into work this morning.

So for my part, I had a night off the booze, earned a few brownie points, and got my stuff together ahead of next weeks new direction.

On the work front, I now have plenty to read, and I’m shaping a plan involving TOGAF and other great frameworks. More of that when it becomes interesting enough to bore you with it.

What is a little more interesting is what this forthcoming weekend adventure has in store. Mrs G and I are off up North to see sister-ball. That’s going to be fun I’m sure. I understand the elder balls are already up there, so double-bubble. They’re only there for the Friday night though, while Mrs G and I are taking the full weekender.

It’s also Chinese New Year (I’m lead to believe) so there might be some Chinese event based entertainments… possibly with sweet and sour pork balls… who knows? There will definitely be alcohol..

One last thing of note… Podcasts. I occasionally listen to a couple from the BBC (Friday night comedy and Kermode & Mayo for example), and i’ve dipped in others before, but this week a good friend pointed out some others more off the beaten track. So I’ve been listening to “The Dropout” which is a gripping piece of documentary, and now I’m working through more… especially useful filling a long drive.

I’ll let you know what I find.

Until next time

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