Hump Day

Meh… Wednesday. That hump in the middle of the week that you have to get over so that it’s all plain sailing into the weekend.

So things are getting interesting on the work front. I am about to go and get embedded on some client side work. This means on a day to day basis I’ll be functionally an employee of the client, while still funded by the company I’m actually employed by. Now ordinarily this isn’t;t a particularly unusual situation for me, but in this case they are expecting me to run some enterprise level projects.

This is also not new to me, but it’s also something I haven’t done for a good few years. I’m relishing the opportunity to be honest. I’ve been careful to lay out the terms of engagement so as not to mess with travel situation too badly, although I am expecting some variety to the routine – so possible trips to other parts of the country would be most welcome just to keep things interesting.

The challenge is not inconsiderable though. Who knows how it will progress, but I’m happy to see where we go.

After my late night on Tuesday at the moving picture show, I really wasn’t much in the mood for anything on Wednesday night, so an early night with a low calorie count was what was called for and I have slept the sleep of the exceptionally tired in my insanely large suite – I have no idea why they put me in here, but I won’t complain.

Right – got to crack on. These emails won’t read themselves you know.

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