In the pool without my trunks

For the Americans among us, “trunks” are swimming shorts, speedo’s, swimmers or just shorts – you get the picture….

The pool in this context however, doesn’t require trunks… it’s Liver-pool. Mrs G and I drove up there on Friday night and met up with Sister Ball and the Elder Balls. And all very good it was too..

Sister Ball is having a furniture crisis though, which meant that we wound up staying in a hotel just around the corner. Worked out well enough though and I’ve stayed in far worse places.

Friday night was a delicious piece of steak and a lot of “what have you need up to’s” and whatnot. A place called Churrasco, just round the corner from Lark Lane.

Some of the older readers will be aware of my stint in the pool with work a few years ago, and Lark Lane was a fairly regular stop as part of that. A great road full of good food and good beer. The steak house is just of Aigburth Road and I’d recommend it.

The Elder Balls were heading off to the Lake District in the morning, so we all went off to The Quarter on Faulkner Street for breakfast. We’d been here before, but it’s easily worth a second trip.

Once we were all suitably fed, the elders set off and the rest of us went off into town. First stop, a shifty around Cains, which originally was just the brewery, but has now become something of a junk shop and arts space. I say junk, but of course the current term for it is vintage – when the reality is it’s anything that’s about 30 years old or more…. Lots of stuff from our childhood’s here. Fun to see.

Interesting use of the space – and has some appeal. I suspect in the summer, the bars are packed and it’s far busier than it was on a very cold January Saturday morning.

A good wander around the Albert dock to the Tate, and some frickles (deep fried pickles) in a relatively new place (The Club House) just outside the shopping Center (Liverpool ONE). Has the feel of a summer beach club kind of place, so again, will no doubt be packed in the summer.

Our evening had a bit of a pub crawl in store. Always interesting to see the little places off the beaten track and known to the locals. So in no particular order, we popped in, Ye Cracke, The Pilgrim and The Fly in the Loaf, before settling down to a most delicious curry in Remora on South Hunter Street… De-Lish-Us. More traditional than a standard curry house, and a fantastic taste, if a little slow to deliver. Worth the wait in my book.

On Sunday morning, sister ball was feeling somewhat under the weather (no doubt over-imbibed) so Mrs Ball and I headed out for breakfast to Rhubarb, back on Lark Lane. Cracking little place, having issues with the TIL – so cash only – but a great bit of breaky. Peppered Fried potatoes to die for!!

A very orange corner booth in Rhubarb

So with a cheerio to the gang after dropping them back home, we were off to Ikea in Brumby to pick I up a shelving unit we were after, and then to John Lewis for (of all things) a soup maker… I didn’t know there was such a thing, I thought you just made soup, but apparently there’s a machine that can help you with it now.

Furniture assembly and soup consumed, the weekend has come to a close. And so now I have to look forward to a new week and a new role on the work front. Interesting times….

Stay safe.

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