Make it so…

And so it was.. as long as you’re a CBS subscriber in the USA or an Amazon Prime subscriber elsewhere. If you had even a passing interesting in Star Trek (you know, the one without the Wookiee, but with the sliding doors and the pointy ears), and you followed “The Next Generation” in the 1990’s, then I’d urge you to watch “Picard” and see the brilliant Patrick Stewart revisiting his seminal character.

It sees Starfleet (not IBM) Admiral, Jean-Luc Picard now retired with his faithful dog (Number One) to his Chateaux (and Vineyard) in France and being interviewed regarding some of his past deeds.

A clever way to re-establish his role and re-introduce the character and his storyline.

Obviously I don’t want to get into spoilers, but the interview leads to “other things” and that’s where things get interesting.

CBS’ apparently bottomless coffers mean there are outstanding production values, and the whole thing looks beautiful.

Lots of tech that we can only wish was real, and one day might actually be and locations that you’ll almost recognise. Right now, it’s my new favourite thing.

Don’t suppose there’s any chance James Tiberius might show up is there ??

In other news… Mrs G joined the gym, and she can take a guest one day a week… so there’s no excuse for me not to go with her. Just hope she sticks at it.

The new role at work is still very blurry round the edges for me. Feels like it’s still 50/50 whether it was the right thing to do or not. It’s early days though. I’ll keep at it.

And with that in mind, I’d best get to it.

Chin up


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