Too much choice

Middle of the week and the choices for my evening were plentiful.

I elected to catch a film, not leat because I’m determined to make the most of my Cineworld card, but also because there are sooo many films on that I want to catch at the moment.

So many in fact, that it’s hard to choose. 1917, Little Women.The Gentlemen, JoJo Rabbit, Seberg and the final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker…. The more observant amongst you will have noticed that I’ve seen 3 of these already. Trouble is, I wouldn’t mind seeing both 1917 or The Gentlemen again, because they’re both worthy of a second showing. So I genuinely have too much choice.

I’ve spent the morning pulling together a presentation on the services that we delivered in the back end of last year ready for a show and tell session this afternoon. All went well, but as usual I feel like there’s always more that could go in. Never enough time.

Interesting thought that…. Never enough time….

But time for what? What are the things you should really be spending your time on? If we’re really lucky we might have 47.3million minutes available. 15.7m of which we’ll probably spend asleep. A mere 6.7m minutes will be your working life if you’re full time employed until you retire at 70…. so what are going to do with that 24.9m that’s left?

You’re going to cram the rest of you life experience into it… every 120minutes is a movie, or 90mins of football or maybe 900minutes for your average good book…. 3minutes for a song, a 4 hour leisurely long lunch will eat another 240minutes, a weeks holiday every year from 18 until you’re 80 will waste another 625,000….. You’re going to spend 328,000 minutes in the toilet….

It all adds up.

Honestly, I can find something to do for every minute of every day I’ve got left…. and seriously, if I’m lucky, that might be 20million minutes, 6.9m of which are for sleep and 2.4m for work….

Andy Dufresne got it right when he said “Get busy living or get busy dying”. And what an incredible film that is. If only that was showing, my decision would have been easily made….


What am I thinking? Of course! We’re living in 2020!! Streaming media is a real thing for any half decent WiFi connection. So the decision really is that easy. A pint and a bite to eat in the bar and The Shawshank Redemption because it really is that good!

There’s something about Red’s voiceover that makes his view of the story compelling. You want to hear what’s going to happen next. You can’t miss it. Tim Robbins really plays it cool throughout, which makes the 3rd act all the more unmissable. The book – a short story – was fantastic, but the film takes the story to another level.

If this film isn’t in your top ten, then you obviously haven’t seen it.

Have hope.

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