What a Gentleman!

So Last night I managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema. I got to see Guy Ritchie’s latest offering “The Gentlemen”. I can’t remember the last time I laughed quite this much in the cinema. It may have some of the strongest language in a great quantity in a film of recent times, but it’s so well executed it can be forgiven. In fact, it demands it.

Every role seems perfectly cast, but the surprise for me (and no doubt a lot of people) is Hugh Grant. He plays an kind of private investigator for a red-top newspaper and seems to devour the part. He’s unlike any Hugh Grant I’ve seen before. I thought his character in Paddington was an interesting shift, but this is another move altogether. Glorious and Riotous.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg... Colin Farrell is equally magical as the coach in a gym, Charlie Hunnan (Pacific Rim, King Arthur) and Matthew McConaughey (definitely no longer mahogany) are a delight behold and I could watch Michelle Dockery for ever (in fact I might have to go and watch Downtown Abbey because of her alone)

The Director and Writer has had a few ups and downs.  Made some awesome movies, a couple of stinkers, and then some more awesome movies.  With this, he’s back to his initial greatness ala Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrel’s and Snatch, and now I need to go and see it again.  Takes a lot for me to go and see something in the cinema more than once - but like all of his work, there is so much going on, I’ve seen about two thirds of it so far.....   Do yourself a favour and catch it while you can.  I wouldn’t take your gran though....  or your mum.

Until next time...