A Homely Monday

Awoken to the sound of Ronnie beeping. Well, more accurately to the sound of Mrs G asking ‘What’s that noise’ which was in fact the sound of Ronnie beeping. Ronnie, is the robot vacuum cleaner (of course!! I”m a nerd remember) and he’d got him self caught up on one of those spongy things that women use to keep their toes spread apart when they’re painting their nails, and that cats love to kick around and chase. I expect there’s a name for them, but I have no clue…

A Phalanx Partitioner – most likely.

Anyway, having duly removed said item, he was able to resume his normal duties of bumping into things and picking up dust on the way.

It also appears from the wots hap, that the wander has returned briefly. Sadly I didn’t see his message last night, but he was hunting for a beer – which I would have had, especially having earned it walking on Saturday. I suggested a beverage this evening but his return journey starts in the wee small hours, so looks like we wont catch up this trip.

The work is muddled and confused so far. Regardless of what people might say, it’s full of bollotics. I often feel like I’m being lead up a garden path, or more likely, down a dark alleyway, and it strikes me that it’s a miracle that anything gets done at all. Given the amount of prevaricating, procrastination, abstention, the can-kicking, the Shilly-shallying and thumb-twiddling, should anyone ever get to the point, it’s more than likely that’s the first thing they would do, is turn right around, 180 degrees and run, at a pace, in the opposite direction shouting ‘What do we want? Obscurantism!! When do we want it? Look! An Elephant!!’ at the top of their lungs.

I know – sorry… sometimes, it just has to come out. That’s half the reason I write anything at all. It’s driven by frustration. What can I say?

Tomorrow’s an early start. Ho hum. I am, at least, looking forward to this weekend’s detectiveness. Starting with a murder mystery around town and ending with Agatha Christie’s “The Pale Horse” on Sunday. Giggles will abound I’m sure.

I need them, I know that much.

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