A Ranting Friday

I may have gone over the top with the boss …

We had a good chat this morning, and afterwards, I played the conversation back in my head. I think I was quite shouty. It’s the frustration. Of course, in true leadership style he reminded me that the role can be what I make it to be. Cutting through the bluster, that says to me that no-one really has a plan for what’s going on, so see if you can do a better job of it.

As I say – frustrating. And I hate myself for ranting.

Putting all that to one side though – it’s Friday, meaning it’s practically Saturday, and I’m very much looking forward to spoiling the Mother-In-Law, a bit of a walk and some decent food out and about. She has mono clue what we’re up to.

In other news; my map arrived!.. I haven’t mentioned this here, but I’ve ordered a piece of art (well sort of) to hang on the hall wall. It’s actually a custom Ordinance Survey map of the surround area – and it looks beautiful. It does need a frame (and that’s in the works) but the map itself is perfect. Very pleased with the way that’s turned out.

More of this sort of thing
Less of this… although I’m very tempted

I wont be needing it tomorrow; having spent pretty much the last year where we’re headed, but it’s good to know the the OS bits and girls in Southampton can produce such wonderful things. They actually make about 10,000 updates a day to “the map” which is the master data set for not only the Explorer/Landranger series of maps (which is actually only 5% of what they do) but also the basis for pretty much every government project that requires any sort of mapping data; from 5cm accuracy upwards. It’s a pretty incredible thing.

Happy hunting

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