A Thursday Giggle

Lots of fun in the nearly, but not quite local hostelry with the heart of the WTC, although short of a Claude this week due to flooding. You’d have thought with his great boats… I digress 😉

I am getting concerned about the work situation. I just don’t feel like I’m adding value now. I feel like I’m having the same conversation over and over again. “We’re not here to transform (as nice as that would be)” it’s painful.

There was however, barely any serious traffic to speak of, which considering the flooding situation along the Severn, was a most pleasant surprise, and it meant I arrived home plenty early enough. Unfortunately Mrs G was working large, so I didn’t get to see her until I got in, and she was happily dozing away.

There’s been good news from the White Hart (our destination for the weekend), in that they are re-opening, so fingers crossed, all should go to plan.

The waters recede

No headache on Friday morning – so far, so good.

Ticking over

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