Deniis and the Parasite

Saturday morning, and still dry. Mrs G is up at the crack and off to work.

As I’m not doing a big walk (thanks to the storm) I have made the effort as I eluded to yesterday and booked myself a tick to see Parasite.

So a leisurely start to the day. A bit of scrambled egg on sourdough and a cup of coffee. Catch up with the news. A quick tidy up. Even got the hoover out. This time of year, our particularly furry/fluffy cat seems to drop clumps at a time. It’s unbelievable. I guarantee by Sunday morning it’ll be everywhere again. She’s a beautiful pest.

By midday I’m in the barbers listening to some fella prattling on while waiting my turn. Usually I really enjoy a new overheard conversation and the snippets of information I learn from it, but on this occasion, a procurement officer over sharing his life story is just too much. He’s one of those ‘my life is better than everyone else’s’ types. Really cringy to listen to. Especially when he reveals he’s had the same job since he left school – so my lack of life experience warning light is flashing red. I contemplate walking out and coming back when it’s less busy, but in the end I ride it out.

Haircut done it’s off to the cinema. I grabbed the bus just outside with near perfect timing so I only had to stand in the rain for about 5 minutes. Hopped off in the middle of town and walked the last stretch, enabling me to pop into Tesco’s and by a bag of minstrels and a bottle of water for half (possibly less than half) the price they would be in the cinema. I could rant about the way cinema’s try to rip you off – but save it for another time…

And so to the main event; “Parasite”

Poster by Andrew Bannister

I really enjoyed it, but I can’t say that I instantly loved it. It’s beautifully shot in that inner city kind of way and very nicely written. It has an intelligent, if slightly too hard to believe plot, but the 2 hours did fly by.

The standouts for me… “Money is an Iron” a great concept and kind of key to a large portion of the film. The poor family seem to live very low down in the city, while the rich family very high up. I did get the sense of climbing up a lot in the first half of the film, and descending down a lot in the second. In fact some of the descent in the storm I found to be mesmerising.

I think it’s a comedy/drama/thriller – whatever that is… there aren’t that many good ones of them, that’s for sure.

It’s very cleverly done. And I can see why it has won as many accolades and Oscar’s as it has. I think I need to see it again because there’s sooo much detail. Excellent work.

I read yesterday that it’s going to become some sort of Netflix serial – that sounds like a bad idea to me, but no doubt it will do well. I’ll be very interested to see how that works out.

Post cinema, on my way home in the drizzle, I picked up a couple of steaks for our dinner. Turns out Sainsbury’s off the shelf steaks are not all that great anymore (it’s been a while since I’d bought any from there to be fair). NExt time, stick to the butcher’s or the meat counter, or more surprisingly, Lidl – who do an awesome steak it seems.

Until the next one

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