Some weeks ago, our Leafy (token female WTC’er – that’s very unfair, she’s like one of the lads really 😉 ) discovered a detective/treasure hunt type day in Cheltenham, and suggested it as a bit of a different thing to do.

We got a team of six together, hopped on the bus to town and met up under the clock in the shopping Center.

The way this works, is you download an app. Within the app is a map with ‘suspect’s’ marked on it. Using the app, you go and find the suspects, and when you arrive, you will receive a puzzle to solve. Solve it correctly and you will receive that suspects statement full of clues to who murdered little Timmy.

Had we known this before we started, we probably would have just run round all of the suspects, and then sat in the pub analysing the statements. Instead we tried to work it out as we went – at least for the first 75% of suspects. As it’s a timed game, this didn’t really work out for us too well. We did get all the details though, and then sat in the pub with a time of just over 2 hours.

Hints and extra clues are available at a cost of 15 minutes, or you can just have the answer for a 5 hour penalty. We faffed with it for some time over out beers and then collectively gave up. Even then, we weren’t last by a long way.

Top of the table ‘Pinky and the Brains’ did it in 48minutes, and bottom was ‘L M Entry’ with 87hours and 59 minutes. We sat in the middle with 8 hours. But fun had been had. A different way to see the town and a good walk to boot.

From here, we morphed into a pub crawl. Always a fun thing to do on a weekend. Good food, good drink and good company resulted in many laughs and minor injuries. We all had a great time, and the bump on my head is going down.

A thoroughly top time and a bus home rounded off the day nicely.
Looking forward to doing something similar soon – with or without the detectiving.

Until tomorrow

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