End of the Week… Oh, and Era

Now I’ve got Friday out of the way, here comes the weekend.

New devices for the new role at work – as I mentioned the other day, a Microsoft Surface Pro. I don’t like it much. It works, but it struggles. I think the reality is that they just don’t have enough engine power under the hood.

On Tuesday, it needed to be logged into on the client site to get it initially setup, and then since then it’s been mostly happy to connect via any available WiFi. All good, but… it doesn’t like to stay connected. Good for an hour or so, and then for some reason you have to reconnect again. Something with maintaining it’s link is flakey.

My iPad on the other hand, connects and stays connected. Rock solid. Strange.

I had a few calls, and the start of some documentation to read through, as well as catching up on the admin. Apart from the nonsense of end of year results, it’s been a pretty good week.

After school on Friday, I whizzed down to Ikea in Bristol to (as is always case after a trip to Ikea) return some items, and pick up some different items. We’ve been talking about them being the supplier of the kitchen, so I can only assume that we’d have to take half of it back again after its installed as well…. who knows.

Cooked steak and chips for our dinner, having picked some up from Sainsbury’s on the way home. Very nice it was to.

And then we caught up on “White House Farm”. Weirdly I don’t remember the events it depicts, back in the 80’s, and I think for that reason alone, it has me gripped. I’m dying to google it and research the facts of the case, but not until the dramatisation is over. That’ll take the edge off it.

Oh yes, and on the subject of drama. We finally, very undramatically, left the EU. How very meh.

Tomorrow needs a walk.

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