Greedy Tuesday

Obviously Tuesdays are rubbish. I have to get up early and drive to far flung parts of the country. Worse still when the weather is crap. And after such a good weekend and a reasonably sedate Monday. Really rubbish.

I can’t complain. Some people have it far far worse. I’m actually incredibly lucky. And I’m not Greedy. More on that in a mo.

The work involves a chunk of governance on Tuesdays, which I generally quite enjoy. It’s good to see how teams are getting on and if their following the advice. Of course the advice had been somewhat random up to now – at least from what I can see. I’m trying to fix that. That’s what I’m here for. Make things easier. Help get the job done. And done properly.

And before you know it, that’s the morning gone. A sandwich for lunch and then an afternoon of trying to help get some documentation done. Meh. All very average.

And then to the evening. Checkin to the hotel and dash out for a bite to eat and today, catch a movie. And today’s film of choice?? Greed. With Steve Coogan.

I love Mr Coogan’s Alan Partridge and I’ve seen his other things, so I know he’s capable of being other characters.

It’s a bit like that line from the American Manager in “Yesterday”… ‘I really hated that, but so much, that I don’t want to hear it again to understand why’

And in this instance? So this is no comedy, but it is good satire. As such, I t has plenty of comedic moments in it. An enjoyable tale, that kept me interested throughout. Clearly based on some real life individuals (Sir Philip Green for one), and with a excellent right-on message but not a message it sells in a punchy way – and for that reason, it’s likely to miss it’s mark. You never really care about the characters. Those that you should, never seem to develop just enough for you to want to empathise with them. You kind of want to root for them, but you just never seem to know quite enough to be on their side. For making the message the thing, it so very very nearly works, that it’s hard to explain why it doesn’t.

That aside, the premise is wildly entertaining, and David Mitchell is the steady straight-man biographer to the rambunctious hyper-wealthy Rich “Greedy” McCreadie.

In the end, a good watch, and a bit odd.

It features a million cameos from anyone who’s been on the TV for more than 5 minutes, and not out of place. I got it. I just don’t really know what to do with it.

After the movie I’d planned a swift pint and a curry in the nearby whetherspoons and then completely went off the idea in favour of an early night. Probably for the best.

Oh. By the way. Mark Ruffalo in Dark Waters… the Incredible Hulk becomes a lawyer.

Until tomorrow.

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